This part of the Cotter Road is a beautiful rural environment, out of sight and earshot from Canberra – but so close to the middle of Canberra.

According to Google Maps, travel times to the farm are:

From the centre of Canberra CBD (“Civic”): 15 min
From Woden Town Centre: 12 min
From Belconnen Town Centre: 17 min
From Tuggeranong Town Centre: 18 min

These are Google Maps “no traffic” times – add 2 minutes to get Google Maps times including traffic (Canberra traffic is pretty light).

The farm address is 912 Cotter Road, which means that it is 9.12 km from the start of the Cotter Road. That is the Australia Post system for road numbers on rural roads. In the old system, Australia post just numbered the houses one after another same as in town – in the old system, the address was RMB 118 Cotter Road (RMB stands for Rural Mail Box). We still get a lot of our mail addressed to 118 Cotter Road and that mail also gets here fine. If you are finding us with a GPS, remember to use 912 Cotter Road, or else the GPS will go somewhere else.

The property is also known as “Bibaringa”, and has been for decades.