I have not raised prices much in the 16 years I have owned this place. Just by not changing our prices, we have slowly gotten probably the best prices in town. I don’t like to think of this as “cheap horse agistment”, but we are surely good value.

Prices for a stable in the main blocks INCLUDE use of a paddock for day turnout of the horse. They also include sawdust and arena use. Weekly rates for these are: “barn” stables $35/week, main stables $40/week, stables with attached yard $50/week.

Prices for stables and shelters in private paddocks are added to the cost of the paddock they are in. Private paddock shelters don’t include sawdust.

Private paddocks start from $30/week for a small paddock with 1 horse in it. Price increases for a bigger paddock or if you add more horses to the paddock. All agistment includes arena use.