We have a variety of stables on the farm. In the main stable blocks, we have 3 styles: brick with tile roof, metal “Portastall”, and in the “barn” block half-height plywood-lined stalls. Some stables in the main block have yards attached.

Near the main complex are the “shelteryards” which are somewhere between a yard and a stable. They have a wall round the outside of the set of yards, and part-roof over the yards. They can be rented instead of a stable.

Stables generally come with a turnout paddock. Our stabled horses generally get private paddocks for day turnout.

If you want stabling without a turnout paddock, we can do that, and there is a discount.

There are also stables and shelters in some private paddocks of the property. Paddocks with a shelter cost more to rent than paddocks without shelters.